Message from the Principal

Welcome back to school for the new school year 2018-19 and I look forward to spending a wonderful year with every one of you. To the new members, our S1 students, we are very excited to have you join our big family. I hope that you can adapt to the new school life in CLSMSS as soon as possible.

It is wonderful to see that our graduates in 2018 got remarkable results in the HKDSE. Significant improvements are shown by various figures. The overall percentage of students getting Level 2 or above in all subjects is 97.5%. The overall percentage of students getting Level 4 or above is 62.4%. 80% of our graduates meet the entrance requirement for degree programmes. All these figures are higher than those of last year. It is also very amazing that 71.2% of our graduates have been offered degree programmes through the JUPAS. And this is the highest figure compared with the past years. More exciting is that the percentage of entering 3 major universities is 31.1%, which is much higher than the figure, 20%, of the last year. Congratulations to our graduates on their excellent achievements. Of course, credits should go to our teachers for their marvelous efforts and commitment in helping our students achieve such remarkable results.

The school year 2018-19 is a special one. Firstly, it is our 40th Anniversary. The school has achieved excellence in different areas in the past forty years. It is worthwhile to organize a series of activities to celebrate this special occasion. The theme of the 40th Anniversary is “Celebrating Our Excellence, Igniting Our Future”, in Chinese, “慶賀卓越成就,照耀璀璨未來”. This theme is also the motto of this school year. I sincerely invite every member of the school to share the joy of 40th Anniversary and look forward to your participation in every celebratory activity.

Furthermore, this school year is also the first year for our new 3-year School Development Plan. Building on the successful completion of the School Development Plan of the last three school years, we have formulated two other major concerns for the forthcoming three years. The first major concern is ‘To enhance students’ academic performance by raising the effectiveness of learning and teaching’. The second major concern is two-fold, namely, ‘To promote students’ positive thinking and mental health’ and ‘To stretch students’ potentials’. To implement these major concerns, different programmes have been planned and will be carried out in the school year.

I look forward to a fantastic and joyful year of 40th Anniversary and a successful start of the new School Development Plan. May I wish you all, students and teachers, a fruitful and wonderful school year and wish you all the best. God bless you! Thank you!

KONG Yick-cheong
18 September 2018