Christmas Singing Contest 2021

The annual CLSMSS Christmas Singing Contest 2021 organised by the Music Club was held on 21 December, 2021. The contest consisted of both solo and choral categories. Students performed remarkably even though they had to wear masks when they sang. 

Before the Singing Contest started, the School Band gave a wonderful performance. After that, it was time for the contestants to showcase their singing skills and talents. Though a series of discussions, the judges decided that the champions of both the solo and choral groups went to LAM Ka-wai from class 5D, who had demonstrated her outstanding singing skills. In addition, runners-up and students receiving merit awards were also selected. Our teachers, Mr. KWONG Ping-kin and Mr. WONG Kam-hing, were invited as the special guests to sing and their appearance did surprise the whole crowd.

The list of winners of the two competition categories are as follows:

Champion of Choral:

5D FUNG Tsz-yi, 5D LAM Ka-wai

First Runner-up of Choral:

5D TSANG Tsz-hin, 5B LAU Sin-tung

Second Runner-up of Choral:

6B LAU Pui-lam, 6B LAU Tsz-ching,

6C ZHANG Choi-fong,

6D CHAN Hoi-shan Vivian


4B LAM Sze-ching, 4C CHAN Pui-ying,

5B CHAN Pui-nam, 3B LEE Tsz-yau,

3B LEUNG Ying-yuet, 3B WONG Hei-yi, 3C HO Cheuk-hang Charlotte,

5C LEE Ming-yan, 6C LI Yui-nga,

6B DENG Tsz-kwan,

6B TANG Chiu-yee Annabelle,

6B WAN Wing-yi and 6B WOO Pui-ka.

Champions of Solo:

5D LAM Ka-wai

First Runner-up of Solo:

5D TSANG Tsz-hin

Second Runner-up of Solo:

6D CHAN Hoi-shan Vivian


4B HE Yi-ki, 5A CHUNG Ka-yan,

5B NG Ho-long, 5B FAN Sau-fung and

3B TONG Sam-yee

Congratulations to all winners!


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