Pop-Up three-dimensional flower Mother’s Day card making

The Art Club, together with the Moral Education and Student Development team, held the “Pop-Up three-dimensional flower card making” activity during the third recess and after school on 13 May 2022. Participants made seven sets of petal-shaped origami to represent carnations, which were cleverly combined and pasted in the center of the cardboard to make a pop-up card. The Student Development and Moral Education team had prepared words of thanks to mothers, like 「誰言寸草心 報得三春暉」、“A mother's love endures through all.”, etc., for participants to write on the message card. More than 40 students attended the activity and the scene was lively. The students focused on making the ingenious cards as a gift for Mother's Day. The scene was warm and they enjoyed a meaningful and fulfilling afternoon.


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