Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Making and Riddle Guessing Activity

Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Making and Riddle Guessing Activity" was organized on the eve of the festival (7th – 9th September, 2022). Lanterns with lights, watercolor and samples were prepared by the Visual Arts Department for students to paint their favorite patterns on the lanterns. The Chinese Language Department, The Reading to Learn Team and the School Library prepared different Chinese calligraphy samples, Mid-Autumn Festival related poems and lantern riddles for students to create a unique lantern. Students colored and wrote Mid-Autumn poems on the lanterns during lunch time and after school. The committee members of the organizing units helped to tie riddle notes to the finished lanterns and hung their work in Lut Sau Hall. On the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, students were invited to participate in guessing lantern riddles. More than 70 participants joined the lantern creation activity and more than 80 the lantern riddle guessing activity in the Hall. They all enjoyed the activities. The hall, decorated with the beautiful lanterns created by students, was full of festive atmosphere


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