Annual Speech Day 2022

The Annual Speech Day 2022 was successfully held on 26 November 2022. This year we were honoured to have Dr. LEE Andy Yuk-nin, a distinguished alumnus, to be our Guest of Honour.

Our Principal, Ms. WOO Kit-ching, reported on the school’s achievements in the past year. Ms. WOO highlighted students’ all- round development and the accolades they attained in academic and various disciplines including sports, performing arts, reading, STEM education, community services, etc. Finally, Ms. WOO expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the SMC members, the PTA, the Alumni Association, the Assistant Principals, and all staff members for their support and contribution to the school.

After presenting prizes and certificates to the graduates, Dr. LEE delivered a rousing speech. Dr. LEE is now the Chief Operating Officer of Arup (East Asia). Being the first graduate with the deep affection for his alma mater, Dr. LEE specially put on his school tie on the Annual Speech Day 2022 to express his gratitude. He delivered a spirited speech on his wonderful and unforgettable moments of the early school life at CLSMSS. He also applauded the teachers for their patient and professional teaching which inspired his interest in science. After graduating from Secondary Five, Dr. LEE completed his Bachelor and Doctoral Degree majoring in Civil Engineering in the United Kingdom and gradually became a registered professional engineer. Dr. LEE inspired schoolmates with his expertise, aspiring to motivate talented students to join the engineering industry as to create a better living environment for the city. Apart from sharing his own experiences, Dr. LEE also gave students advices on their academic enhancement. He suggested that personal interest was the most important in course selection. While ‘Graduation is the beginning of another new journey.’ and ‘Cherish the authentic relationship in high school.’ are other two tips recommended. Finally, Dr. LEE encouraged students to keep curiosity, hope and enthusiasm for life to meet new challenges in the future.

WONG Yuk-ting of S6, a student representative, delivered a vote of thanks to the school on behalf of all graduates. The next highlight of the ceremony was the performance part. Although the performances had been scaled down because of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, students’ efforts in preparing for their performances had not been slack. The Chinese Verse Speaking, the English Prose Reading and music performances given by our students were sound proof of their endeavours. The performances marked not only the end of the ceremony, but also that of an important stage of the graduates. The memories of years past, friendship, hard work, tears and laughter Form Updated: 2022-8-26 came rushing back with the sound of the music, and the graduates shared final embraces as they take on new challenges in the years ahead.


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