Loving CAREnival

The school is like a big family. As a part of it, we are willing to work together to build a harmonious environment and atmosphere full of care, respect, appreciation and trust. Hosted by the Counselling Team, the Loving CAREnival promoted the culture of caring and inclusiveness on campus, so that students can encourage, love and support one another, share happiness, and overcome adversity or difficulties together.

The Loving CAREnival was held from 13th February to 16th February 2023. Students enjoyed and benefited a lot from a series of exciting and diverse activities. In the early morning of the first day of the event, "Cheer-up Kits" were distributed to every student. The kits included exquisite stationery, healthy snacks and cards. Apart from cheering one another up, students were also allowed to write words of thanks on the cards for their family members, classmates or teachers as an encouragement. In the afternoon, there was a song dedication session in which students could express their gratitude or show their encouragement to their classmates or teachers through songs.

In order to enhance positive rapport in class, various class-based activities were arranged. Secondary 6 students played board games and made handicrafts to relieve their exam pressure. Secondary 4 and 5 students drew circle paintings, which promoted communication and cooperation among students. Secondary 1 to Secondary 3 students joined an "Anti-bullying and Inclusion" workshop in the classrooms. The class-based activities at all levels strengthened the cohesion among students who learned to cherish the time spent with one another.

The game booths and story cars prepared by the Healthy School Project, the Integrated Community Centre for Mental Wellness, the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention Hong Kong and the school-based speech therapists were open to all students. The Latte Art Workshop was held by the Department of Home Economics which allowed students to brew and taste their own unique chocolate. The Counselling Team also provided students with valuable opportunities to showcase their talents and strengths, including fancy rope skipping, dancing and singing performances. The intensive activities allowed students to relieve their academic pressure and enjoy the happy and relaxing moments to the fullest.

The "Most-caring Student Award Election" allowed students to vote for the most caring, and proactive student in the class. We sincerely hope that the caring ambassadors will continue to carry forward the spirit of caring and helping others, and work together to build a campus with love and respect, making CLSMSS a warm and harmonious family.


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