CLSMSS S6 Graduation Ceremony 2022/2023

What a year it’s been! The Class of 2022/2023 has overcome obstacles and braved challenges with determination and perseverance during these unprecedented times of the pandemic over the past few years. All S.6 graduates have made it and were able to gather for the celebration of reaching this significant milestone in their studies. Witnessed by Principal WOO, our Assistant Principals, teachers and parents, we are gratified to announce that our school held its highly anticipated Graduation Ceremony on 5th July 2023, in our school hall to share this joyous occasion.

Principal WOO delivered an inspiring and encouraging speech to our S6 graduates, in which she emphasised the great quotes “Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.” by Robert Gallagher and “No matter where you are from or what your past is, or the challenges you could be facing, you can truly do anything. You just have to set your mind to it, and work hard.” by Paul Alexander. These words of wisdom are particularly apt in these challenging and uncertain times and she reminded our graduates to set their mind and pursue their dreams, and endeavour to make a positive impact to society. She also encouraged them to reflect upon the essential problem-solving life skills. She lastly extended the warmest congratulations on their graduation and wished them best of luck embarking on a new chapter of their lives.

In the vote of thanks that followed by Graduation Certificates presentation, our valedictorian student WONG Yuk-ting, from class 6A, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to our Principal, Assistant Principals, teachers and staff members for their support, guidance and devotion throughout the years especially during the outbreak of Covid-19. Apart from extending special thanks to Principal WOO for formulating various school policies to provide rich educational experiences for all students, she showed great appreciation for teachers’ kindness, patience and self-less dedication to provide them enough tenacity and resilience to face adversity and conquer every challenge ahead of them as well as bring them unwavering support to achieve future goals and pursue their dreams. She also thanked their parents and family members for their unconditional love and support. The ceremony was rounded off with the school song. All graduates sang boldly and loudly, promising to live up to our school motto - Wisdom, Virtue, Honesty and Progress in the years to come.

Congratulations, our fellow graduates as they continue to light the way toward a brighter future. We are confident that they will continue to make us proud with remarkable achievements in all their future endeavours. And, with much optimism, we are grateful for the change they will create.


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