Gifted Education Award

Our school was presented the Gifted Education Award, a prestigious recognition bestowed upon schools and institutions that exhibited exceptional dedication and commitment to the overall development and advancement of gifted education throughout the preceding year, at the Hong Kong Gifted Education Teachers’ Association 10th Anniversary Celebration Dinner cum Thematic Speech.

Our school has been acknowledged by the committee for the unwavering efforts in implementing effective and comprehensive school-based gifted programmes; as well as proactive initiatives and innovative approaches in nurturing the talents and abilities of gifted students, including coordinating a wide range of off-school advanced learning programmes, conducting mini-lectures and sharing sessions to promote peer learning after the completion of gifted programmes, encouraging students to join different international, national and territory-wide gifted competitions, effectively utilizing the talent pools to identify the talented students and etc., enabling our school’s students to reach their full potential.

This honour serves as a testament to our school's outstanding achievements and positive impacts on the field of gifted education.


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