Life-wide Learning Day

The Life Wide Learning Day was successfully completed on 5th March 2024. Throughout the day, students from S.1 to S.5 experienced various workshops and community service, demonstrating their dedication to learning beyond the traditional classroom setting.

S.1 students embarked on an exploration of ancient Chinese culture through a captivating workshop on "Great Ancient Bridges in China." They deepened their knowledge of architectural marvels and experienced the wonders of ancient Chinese technology at the Ancient Chinese Technology Fair.

S.2 students embraced the spirit of adventure and teamwork as they delved into the invigorating world of rowing. Through the Rowing Exposure session, they developed physical endurance and learned the importance of discipline and collaboration.

S.3 students engaged in a thought-provoking Design Thinking Workshop, honing their problem-solving abilities and unleashing their creativity. They discovered the power of design in addressing real-world challenges and developing innovative solutions.

S.4 students organized educational stalls and games focused on mental health awareness, visiting different primary schools. Their efforts aimed to promote understanding and empathy among young students, fostering a supportive environment for mental well-being.

S.5 students dedicated their time to community service, bringing joy and companionship to the elderly and individuals in need. Through meaningful interactions and activities, they made a positive difference in the lives of others, emphasizing the values of compassion and social responsibility.

The success of the Life Wide Learning Day highlights our commitment to fostering a passion for lifelong learning, community engagement, and personal growth.


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