The 16th “Hong Kong Cup Diplomatic Knowledge Contest” -Bronze Award

Our school shines again with remarkable achievements at the 16th Hong Kong Cup Diplomatic Knowledge Competition, as our students secured the Bronze Award!

In the competition's finals, our students once again distinguished themselves and advanced to the prestigious "Elite Competition." With their outstanding performance, they proudly clinched the Bronze Award among participants from across Hong Kong.

The competition, jointly organized by the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in the HKSAR, the Education Bureau, and the Better Hong Kong Foundation, aims to cultivate students' interest and understanding of diplomatic knowledge. It highlights the significance of diplomacy in the global and national context. Through their participation, our students not only showcased exceptional knowledge but also developed their national consciousness and global perspectives.

Additionally, our students have been fortunate to receive an invitation to visit Beijing as part of a winning delegation. This invaluable opportunity will allow them to delve into the diplomatic concepts, practices, and achievements of China as a major global player. Furthermore, this exchange program will broaden their horizons and enhance their national consciousness and worldview.

Let us celebrate together the outstanding achievements of our students in the Hong Kong Cup Diplomatic Knowledge Competition! We take great pride in their remarkable performance and extend heartfelt congratulations to them!


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