Perpetuate Our Spirit Across Generations. Embrace the Future with Solidarity – The 45th Anniversary Kick-off Ceremony cum Alumni Talk (I)

On October 4, 2023, our school held the 45th Anniversary Kick-off Ceremony cum Alumni Talk (I), marking the beginning of a series of celebrations for our 45th anniversary.

The kick-off ceremony was graced by Mr. LEUNG Pak Wai, Ashley, Principal Education Officer (Curriculum Support and Quality Assurance) of the Education Bureau, who served as the guest of honor. Chairman LEUNG, along with the Principal, Chairperson of Parent and Teachers Association, Chairman of Alumni Association, Teacher-in-charge of Anniversary Celebration Organizing Committee, and the captains of the four houses, jointly presided over the lighting ceremony for the 45th anniversary, signifying the official commencement of the anniversary celebrations.

Immediately following the kick-off ceremony, the Alumni Talk (I) took place. Over the course of 45 years, our school has nurtured numerous outstanding individuals, and our alumni have achieved remarkable success in various industries and fields. They serve as inspirations for our students to emulate and learn from. We were privileged to have renowned musician and alumna, Ms. WONG King-pui, Peggie, as well as acclaimed director and alumnus, Mr. KA Shing-fung, as the keynote speakers for the Alumni Talk (I). Both alumni shared their cherished memories of campus life, their journey towards pursuing their dreams, and their experiences of success. Their lively and engaging narratives captivated other alumni, guests, parents, teachers, and students. During the interactive Q & A session towards the end of the talk, students enthusiastically posed questions, generating a vibrant and warm interactive atmosphere. The closing of the 45th Anniversary Kick-off Ceremony cum Alumni Talk (I) was met with resounding applause.

The theme of our 45th anniversary celebration is "Perpetuate our spirit across generations. Embrace the future with solidarity" The school will host a series of celebratory activities to allow parents, teachers, alumni and students to join together in commemorating our 45th year of establishment.


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