45th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Talk (II)

The Second Outstanding Alumni Talk in celebration of the 45th anniversary was successfully held on 2nd February, 2024. The event featured distinguished alumni, Mr. LEE Ming-tak and Mr. LAM Chun-ming, who have excelled in the business field, as the guest speakers.

During the talk, Mr. LEE and Mr. LAM first shared amusing anecdotes from their time on campus, highlighting the experiences and the valuable lessons they learned during their years at Chiu Lut Sau, their alma mater. Drawing from their personal journeys, both alumni explained how students can prepare themselves for the future. They emphasized the importance of attitude, urging students to approach every task with seriousness and seize opportunities actively. In terms of professional insights, the alumni stressed the significance of appropriate attire and a neat appearance, as these reflect respect for others and leave a professional impression. During the Q&A session, students enthusiastically asked questions, creating a vibrant atmosphere. However, due to time constraints, the event had to come to an end, leaving the audience wanting more.

Close to half a century since its establishment, our school has nurtured numerous outstanding talents who have achieved excellence in various fields. The 45th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Talk perfectly embodies the theme of our anniversary celebration, “Perpetuate our spirit across generations. Embrace the future with solidarity”, as distinguished alumni shared their valuable experiences and insights, inspiring students to carry forward our school's spirit and embrace the future with unity and determination.


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